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Why Maison Nou?


Why choose us when there's hundreds of pyjamas brands. That's true but none of them have a mission to not only better your wardrobe but to better your life while bettering the planet. We do!

We want to boost a woman's confidence when she's at home wearing our pyjamas and her hair is a mess and she walks by the mirror and says "wow you looks great" or when she wears our set out to get coffee and just had the worst morning but someone stops her and compliments her on it. Instant confidence boost!

When you're your feeling confident you're able to project that our back into the world. You're confident in all your decisions and choices. You're more focused on important things and less on how you look. You're able to be your best self and the best person you can be to the world. 

Its so much more than just pyjamas and just clothing to us, it's about mental health. 


We don't mean to brag but....

  • We are an all inclusive brand. We have designed our brand to fit everyone woman of every size, shape, color, ethnicity, race, and age. 
  • Our pyjamas are so unique in the terms of designs, colors, contrast, prints, and functionality and practicality. 
  • NONE of our competitors actually have pyjamas that are glamourous and fabulous. They are safe, they are boring, and not trendy. Remember we want you to be able to wear them out and keep them guessing and questioning if they are even sleepwear. 
  • Many luxury pyjamas are not as affordable pricing as we are. 
  • We create affordable luxury and style for the active woman without compromising comfort and quality
  • We have a mission to not only to do right for our bodies but also our planet. Our fabrics are organic, cruelty free, vegan friendly, and biologically sustainable. We want to do our part and help reduce our carbon foot print. 


1-3 business days processing time

2-3 business days shipping time

Free shipping $250 on all purchases within the US

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Care instructions

100% washable

Machine wash on delicate with cold water

Hang dry ONLY

Steaming only recommended

Iron on low silk setting



Free and hassle returns on all purchases over $250 within the US. Returns must be made within 21 business days of receiving order

All returns are done by the customer through our portal.

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