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About us

The Brand

Maison Nou is a global luxury Pyjamas brand created by Sarah Bourouis founded and based in Boston, MA.

We at Maison Nou want to bridge the gap between sleep wear and all day wear. We want to change the American narrative on Pyjamas. Our pyjamas advocate a fashionable and rich lifestyle. Rich in more ways than one.

In American culture we are used to sleeping in an old T-shirt or some old sweat pants. That's not comfortable and nothing about that is "cute." Well here at Maison Nou we are looking to not only change your wardrobe but your lifestyle. It is statistically proven that sleeping in Pyjamas helps you relax and get a better nights sleep!

Maison Nou's goal is to provide top tier quality while remaining comfortable without compromising style, to give you the most confidence to allow you to be your best self. When you're not feeling your best and looking into your closet ready to scream, that's where Maison Nou steps in. You can wear your set to lounge around at home, to sleep, to the grocery store or out to dinner…wear them anytime anywhere!

Stepping out in Maison Nou makes every night out more glamourous and every night in cozier and sexier. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good you are able to be your most confident self and project all those positive vibrations out into the world. We are designing apparel that makes getting dressed, or not, a stress free process, and pyjamas to help your mental health.

Founder of Maison Nou

Sarah Bourouis, a new young mom in the middle of the pandemic, found herself in an adult diaper and an ice pack after giving birth. Face to face with postpartum depression, Sarah wished she could eliminate the most stressful part of her day, finding something to wear.

When your a new mom or just a woman with the world on her shoulders, getting dressed is the last thing you want to do especially when nothing fits you, you're feeling self-conscious and you're just too tire to get yourself together. She wished she could leave her house wearing her pajamas  but that wasn't going to help when they lacked any sort of trendiness. So she decided to make her own.

She wanted to create something that would become your new uniform. She wanted to make sure that Maison Nou pyjamas are for all women of all different sizes, because whether you're an x-small or a xx-large, finding something for your size and shape that actually flatters you is almost impossible to find. She wanted to create a brand where women of all ethnicities can shop confidently in finding colors that compliments their skin and accentuates their beautiful features. Sarah knows all too well that when you look good, you feel good. Once you try a pair of these pajamas, you will never be the same again. Just ask Sarah, she hasn't worn regular clothes in 2 years.

Sarah was able to bring her vision to life and help women feel better about themselves, including herself. She has since changed the narrative of getting dressed, or not, in making you feel your more confident self. She wants every woman who wears her pyjamas to look in the mirror in confidence and compliment themselves instead of ripping yourself apart. She wants every woman to glow with radiance and project positivity when they wear her pyjamas but they know they look damn good! Its so much more than "just clothes" to her, it's about mental health.



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Machine wash on delicate with cold water

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